In our college, there is a well equipped Microbiology laboratory. In the lab, there is a seperate cabin for the inoculation chamber to inoculate the microbes in aspetic condition(Germ Free Environment). The inoculates culture is incubated in an incubator at desirable temperature from 27o C. to 70o C.
Ultra Centrifuge for centrifuge for centrifugation of seperation of components.
Oven and autoclave to sterilize the medium on glasswares.
Refridgerator to store cultures & chemical kits. Specific and selective media for the growth of micro organisms.
Quality control to check the quality of the food sample,fruits,jam,pickles,soft drinks, ice creams and drinking water.To check the clinical samples to identify and isolated the disease causing micro organism.
Distillation unit to prepare distilled water. This water is using in our laboratory.
Physical Balance to weigh chemicals accurately.
Water bath with shaker An instrument for the growth of microbes with agitation at specific temperature. [some micro organisms have need continuous agitation and aeration.]
Magnetic stirrer for the uniform mixture and equal distibution (Homogeneous condition) of the liquid or media. To find out the Blood grouping system and all clinical test.
Haemocytometer slide To count the RBC,WBC cells (Immunity capacity)
All required and modern instruments, chemicals and glasswares available in our laboratory.
All microbiological analysis are done in our laboratory.

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