• Painting – A Beautiful Art Form To Convey Your Feelings

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    Painting is the art of glamorizing an object or thing to personify one’s taste and creativity. There are many paint application systems which are unique, and designed depending on the manufacturing process and requirements of the finished product. Compared to conventional air spray guns, other kinds of spray provide maximum utilization of material thus reducing the cost of operation. This results in superior quality of finished products, as well as cost optimization, which is appreciated by people all over the world when it comes to painting applications.

    Various Notable Features

    Spray painting without air is efficient on painting jobs where there are large surface areas such as doors, windows, or even on glass. This type of spray system includes components like Automatic or Manual guns, with the help of which the painting can be done very efficiently, with more accuracy, and taking less time. Pumps and fluid heaters are other important components.

    Heating the fluid changes the physical property of the coating, which helps in giving a superior finished look. Moreover, other components like paint filters, circulation valves, high pressure hoses and fittings, airless nozzles, pre-atomizing devices, and electrostatic power units all reduce component wear and tear, and helps to produce a soft, easy to control spray pattern. It has changeable spray tips for different types of spray patterns and painting materials.

    Different Types Of Spray Printing Machines

    Spray painting machines can be mostly categorized into two types according to its usage:

    Medium-sized airless spray machines are used for furniture painting, fence painting, bridge painting, structural and tank painting, etc. These types of machine are high performance machines with minimum maintenance required.

    Large-sized airless spray machines are mainly used in painting vehicles like cars, railways, transportation containers, oil tankers, roofs of a house, etc. These types of machines mainly help in painting those areas which can’t be painted easily with the help of normal machines. Moreover, the powerful spray technique of these machines reduces the hazards of working in tough conditions.

    The first and the foremost tip to painting with the help of spray machines is to cover all those things that you don’t want to get paint all over, including yourself. While spraying, the paint which floats away from the nozzle can settle down anywhere, so it’s a good idea to cover everything. Always keep in mind that while painting, your hand should always be moving in an even, horizontal direction, never vertical. The sprayer should be cleaned thoroughly after completing the painting.


    As the paint is air free, such a system is capable of applying paint with far less fogging. Reduction of over spraying leads to savings on maintenance and production cost as well as catering to the specified norms on safety and environmental benefits. Airless spray painting is a faster mode of painting compared to the conventional spray system. It is depicted at http://www.phillro.com.au/ that such methods of contemporary airless spray painting not only minimizes the cost of labor, but it is also very time effective.

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