• Communication Techniques

    by  • September 6, 2013 • writing

    The cause of most misunderstanding is that the person always tend to send information than communicate. Whether you are a businessman, speaker or an ordinary employee, it is important to know communication techniques to be able to reach out to the audience or co-worker and to get your desired reaction. One of the communication techniques and the first that needs to be learned is listening. Communication is a two-way street. Before you respond to what the other party is saying, listen first so you respond correctly. When you assume something beforehand, it blocks the listening process, resulting to misunderstanding. Another technique to achieve good communication is expression. Express yourself clearly and truthfully. The other party will not pay attention to you if they cannot grasp what you are saying. Another one of communication techniques is taking criticisms in a positive and constructive way. Defending yourself is natural. However, be careful of the words you choose to say and say them mildly. When you take the criticism hurtfully, you will not be able to accept the goodness of it, which can result to a nasty debate and raised voices. Arguing is useless, so avoid it. Usually, no matter how you try to steer away from having an argument, it will still transpire. If you happen to be caught in an argument, do not try to win it. Instead, find a solution which both of you will agree on. In every scenario, it is important that you understand the other party before saying or deciding on anything. For example, a co-worker’s tardiness is affecting the project’s progress. Before you issue a warning, it is best to talk first to that co-worker, ask him what causes his tardiness and if he prefers a different shift. To be an eloquent speaker, you must know and exercise communication techniques. Work relationships, even personal ones, will benefit from communication techniques if these are properly executed.

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