In our college, there is a well equipped Biochemistry laboratory. The special equipments in this lab are
Calorimeter It is used to measure the concentration of the coloured solution based on the absorbance. Thus, we know the biological constituents present in the body fluids.
Centrifuge It is used to seperate the molecules and cells according to their, size, molecular weight, density, etc. which are present in the mixture.
Electrical Balance It is used to weigh the all substances which used in the laboratory in accurately. They are used to prepare reagents for the experiments.
Electronic pH meter It is used to calculate the pH of the unknown solutions and other reagents which are used in the experiments.
Magnetic Stirrer It is used to mix the reagents thoroughly for equal distibution of concentration of constituents present in the reagents.
Electrical water bath It is used to heat all the test solutions and others which are used in the experiments.

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